Do You Look Like Your Website?

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It is often noted that people, over time, start to look their pets or their spouses. I suspect that in at least some cases, that may be a good thing.

The question here is, do you, or your dealership look like your website?

Your website, your online digital presence is every bit as real as your brick-and-mortar store. In fact, it gets a lot more visitors than your store does. (If that is not true, one of your immediate challenges is to make it true.)

Let’s look at some statistics:

  • 4 out of 5 people will visit the website before going to the store
  • Up to 60% of viewers are using mobile devices
  • 95% of online viewers expect that prices will be easily viewed
  • 76% of people looking at your site will use it’s appearance and a proxy for your credibility and trustworthiness
  • The majority of buyers, after shopping online will visit only one or two stores

What does this mean to you? It means that if your website is not crisp, clean, content and information rich and mobile responsive (meaning that your website can be viewed on a mobile device as clearly and as easily as it can on a PC or desktop) then you are losing business.

Your website needs to be a digital property that you are every bit as proud of as your are of your physical presence. Your website is where people go first and pass judgement. If you lose them on your site…you will have virtually no chance of seeing them in your store.

Here are a few keys to making sure that your site is appealing, effective and will convert online shoppers to in-store buyers:

  • Ensure that your home page, the first thing people see, attractively provides the key information about what brands you have have available
  • Make searching for inventory easy and inuititive and make search available from multiple places in your site – not just the home page
  • Provide pricing – if people wanted to fill out a lead form to get pricing, they probably would have picked up the phone or sent an email; if you want to show payments, you can, but make it clear that those are based on qualifying credit and stay away from rates (stay legal though and make sure that the advertised payment is, in fact, one that a person with good credit could actually get with a standard term assumption)
  • Make all the benefits of your store clear – in-house financing, service, parts, pro-shop, etc.
  • Show others buyers reviews (and if you don’t have reviews, solicit them)
  • Introduce your staff – make it personal
  • Offer live chat – but only if you have someone watching the chat feed at all times during normal business hours
  • Don’t make your pages cluttered or visually jarring
  • Make navigation through your site easy and intuitive
  • NO BROKEN LINKS – when buyers see 401 errors or links that take them to unexpected places, they leave
  • Make sure that your site works and is effective on all platforms – the investment in making your site mobile responsive will more than pay for itself in just the first couple of months

One other tip, invest in retargeting. With retargeting, once someone visitis your site, you can place ads on other sites that they visit when they visit them. Since your website is not a general purpose or general information site, you can make the assumption that people hitting your site have the intention of buying at some point. The fact that they came to your site means that they believe that you at least could have a product that they are interested in. It is cost effective not to let their visit be a “one hit wonder”. Stay in front of your visitors with retargeting.

So, do you look like your website? Are you proud of the way it looks and acts? Make your digital presence as powerful as your physical presence and win those online shoppers.

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