Happy With What You Are Doing? Change It Up!

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Are you happy with the processes and procedures in your store? Are you comfortable with the way things are going? Do you believe that things could not be going any better?


It is time to change things up!

Comfort breeds complacency. If you are not growing, not changing then you are not improving and, frankly, your competition is about to pass you by. You are either growing or you are dying.

Now, change just for change sake is not productive either, but you should always be looking for ways to improve on the three E’s – effectiveness, efficiency, excellence.


Are all your processes and procedures making you and your associates as effective as you can be? Are they enabling you to maximize profits and customer satisfaction? Do they engender good morale and staff enthusiasm? Look at what you can do to make everyone and everything more effective…and if you can’t see anything, ask for help. No one is perfect, but is sometimes difficult to self-diagnose imperfections.


Time is money. Anything that could be done faster, without sacrificing quality, is costing you money. Speed at the expense of accuracy, customer experience, or overall performance is a non-starter, but beyond that, you should always be on the lookout for ways to be more efficient. Again, an outside set of eyes can help here.


The most important E of all, excellence may be a little harder to measure, but continually looking for changes to improve excellence is the most critical action you can take – and should always be taking. How do you measure excellence? How are your CSI scores? Are they improving? How is gross and net profit? Is is increasing? Is employee morale good and improving? Are you hiring the right people as demonstrated by a decreasing turnover? There are many ways to look and for excellence and you should take whatever actions, make whatever changes are needed to keep the measures of excellence moving in the right direction

Outside assistance is hugely beneficial in identifying and implementing meaningful change to drive improvement. If you are not part of a 20 Group, you should be seriously considering participating. While it is not always easy to hear what a group of peers may have to say, and while you don’t always have to do everything that you hear, no one is self-aware enough to be able to see every beneficial that they could or should be making.

Change is good and necessary – embrace it!

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