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Know the likelihood of approval within 15 minutes. We offer same-day approvals for customers with qualified credit. 

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We work with over 17 different lenders, so we can find financing for all credit profiles.

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Why Work With First Approval Source?

Fast Approvals

We use an advanced algorithm to notify the dealer of the likelihood of approval within 15 minutes. We even offer same-day approval to customers with qualified credit.

Enhanced Customer Experience

No disconnect between your dealership and financing. We deliver a personalized experience to each customer and communicate with them every step of the way. 

Protection Products

Protection products and extended service contracts are presented to each customer in a personalized package.

Finance Education

Your team gains access to elite finance education materials. Train as you go with alerts, recommendations, and tips for each deal.

Expert Finance Training

Keep learning as you go with dynamic tips and recommendations.

Learn from the Experts

With over 50 years of combined industry knowledge, learn how to set your finance department up for success from the very best this industry has to offer.

Sales Success

Learn how to maximize the customer experience before, during, and after the sales process. 

Deal Optimization

Covers expansive list of topics including LTV, Calculating Reserve, Debt-to-Income, and Down Payment Requirements

Tracking and Metrics

Gain access and training for up-to-date data and metrics for all your deals.

Protection Products

Become experts on all protection product. Ensure that you offer your customers the right products that keep their investment protected. 


Being safe and secure is our first priority. Receive ongoing compliance training and ensure you keep your customers and your dealership safe by staying updated on industry regulations.

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