Industry Partners



Ensuring that your investment is protected is of the utmost importance. First Approval Source offers extended warranty and environmental protection packages specific to your needs. We have partnered with FPC, Yamaha, Mercury, and United States Warranty Corporation, offering a wide variety of coverage options specific to your vessel and your needs. Our partners offer fast and reliable claims services, so you can relax knowing that any issue that arises can be taken care of.

Environmental Protection

You can expect to have some normal wear and tear with your boat or RV, but no need to fear! That is where our environmental protection options step in. All the dealership has to do is apply a couple different types of coatings to the gel-coat, exterior paneling, upholstery, seats, vinyl and carpet on the boat or RV before delivery. By using Nanotechnology that provides protection at the molecular level, the products last for 5 years and covers rips, tears, burns, punctures, cracking and fading on the interior and covers fading, chalking, loss of gloss, acid rain, UV damage, and anything else the environment might throw at the exterior of the boat or RV. It keeps your vessel looking like it’s brand new!

We want to make sure you have as much fun as possible with your new recreational vehicle. Our options provide you with the peace of mind you need to allow you to just enjoy your new vessel and not worry about your financial security.