Industry Partners



Your new vessel is an extension of you. It’s your Black Pearl, your Golden Hind, your Sea Queen! Whether you’re sailing the seven seas or trekking on land with an RV, there is no need to stress about how your investment will be protected. We have partnered with the most respectable and reputable companies in the industry to ensure you have different options that fit your specific needs.

GAP Protection

We also offer GAP protection to all of our customers. GAP is an option that can help everyone. It gives you the ultimate peace of mind as you enjoy your investment. If your boat or RV is totaled in a wreck, you could end up owing more on the loan than what your insurance company says it is worth. GAP waiver coverage helps pay the difference. Say you’ve purchased a unit for $30,000, and unfortunately, it gets totaled in a covered accident. You may owe $20,000 on the loan, but your insurance determined the depreciated value is only $15,000. That would mean you would be responsible for the $5,000 plus your deductible. But under GAP waiver protection, you are covered for the $5,000 difference and your deductible. GAP coverage lasts as many as 10 years and prevents you from writing a check for something that you no longer can use.

When you’re financing your next recreational vehicle, consider our protection packages to ensure your new investment is protected!